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Questions relating to Applications/Admissions

When is the last date to be accepted into an undergraduate program at Odette?  The University of Windsor admits students into the fall, winter, and summer semesters up to two weeks into the start of each semester.  Please contact the Registrar’s office for additional information relating to admission process

How to I accept my offer of admittance to Odette?  Congratulations on your offer, the first step is to “confirm your offer.”  The Next Steps Guide to the Admission Process will guide you through each required step.

What are the requirements for entrance into Odette undergraduate programs?  Students seeking admission directly from an Ontario high school can find specific admission requirements here.  Please note that these requirements vary from program to program.  Please ensure you meet the requirements for the program you are interested in.  Students enrolling from another avenue can find specific admission requirements here.

What average is required for entrance into an Odette undergraduate program?  Students seeking admission directly from an Ontario high school with an average of at least 70% will be considered.  Prospective students with higher averages receive advance offers and preference.  Please find the specific admission requirements here.

What happens if my grades aren’t high enough when I apply?  Students that fail to meet the application requirement level will not be considered for acceptance.  It is strongly suggested that steps are taken to improve upon your qualifications.

Does the Odette School of Business accept final high school grades in June?  Yes, you are welcome to apply at anytime.  If your grades are not at the required levels by the deadline, you may be conditionally accepted pending your final grades.  Once your grades are reviewed in June, you will be sent a confirmation regarding your status.

Does the Odette School of Business offer part-time programs?  The Odette School of Business offers a Business Certificate Program to serve part-time students.  Students interested in completing a Bachelor’s degree part-time can do so by enrolling in less than 4 courses in a semester.  The application process is the same regardless of whether you intend to complete the program full- or part-time.

As a college graduate, which University of Windsor courses will I receive credit for?  Students entering the Odette School of Business with a completed College Diploma may receive transfer credits for courses completed in college.  The Registrar’s office will provide a notice specifically indicating the course transfer credits you are eligible for.

As a university transfer, which University of Windsor courses will I receive credit for?  Students transferring to the Odette School of Business from another university will receive transfer credits for courses completed at their prior institution.  The Registrar’s office will provide a notice specifically indicating the course transfer credits you will receive

I was previously a student at Odette and would like to return.  How can I do this?  Students who have been away from school and are interested in returning to the Odette School of Business can apply to return by completing the Returning Student Application Form.  Students can obtain this form on-line by signing in to the student information system (SIS).  If your access to the SIS has expired, you can request reactivation through the Registrar’s office.

As a University of Windsor students in another faculty, how do I transfer into business?  Students interested in transferring from another faculty into the Odette School of Business must complete the Returning Student Application Form.  Students can obtain this form on-line via the student information system (SIS).  Transfer spots are limited and only candidates with a cumulative GPA of at least 7.0 will be considered.

Do I apply for scholarships when I apply to the program?  Yes, the University of Windsor automatically identifies entrance scholarship opportunities available to you when you apply.  After successfully being admitted, there are a number of in-course scholarships, awards and bursaries available that students may apply for to receive.  Additional information about undergraduate scholarships and awards can be found here.

What are the requirements to take part in co-op?  Students interested in taking part in co-operative opportunities must be admitted into a co-op program and must maintain a B- average to remain in the program.  Learn more about the Odette co-op program here.

Who should I contact if I encounter difficulty during the application/admission process?  The Registrar’s office can assist with any issues you might encounter during applications and admissions.

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Question relating to Programs/Curriculum

What courses should I take during my first semester at Odette?  Correctly following the suggested course sequence during the first and second years of study is important to ensure you acquire all of the fundamental business courses listed as requirements in third and fourth year courses.  Course sequencing varies slightly from program to program and can be found by selecting your program of study from the list provided here.

Which optional courses can I take?  You can choose to take any elective course that you meet the requirements for.  Students will often take electives related to an area of personal interest.  Students are encouraged to develop their breadth of study during their time at University.

Who should I speak with if I don’t know which electives to take?  The Odette Experience Coordinator is available to meet to discuss your elective options.  Other possibilities include discussing your options with your parents, peers, or profs.

Where can I find a course calendar?  The course calendar is available on-line and can be found on and here.

How do I switch from business to another program?  Students interested in transferring into another faculty from the Odette School of Business must complete the Returning Student Application Form.  Students can obtain this form on-line via the student information system (SIS).  Each faculty maintains their own entrance criteria for evaluation of transfer requests.  Contact the faculty you are interested directly for additional information.

Is it possible to fast track and graduate in less than 4 years?  Yes, the Odette School of Business offers many courses during the summer semester enabling students to complete their degree requirements in less than 4 years.  However, caution should be taken to carefully plan your course schedule as the University cannot guarantee that every course will be available during every semester.

I am not very strong in math.  Will I be able to get through the curriculum?  Quantitative skills, including mathematics, are an important component of the business curriculum and students should take every opportunity to develop their ability.  The University provides free tutoring for all required fundamental business courses, including mathematics.

When do I select a major?  Is “business” my major?  The University of Windsor confers Honours degrees in Business Administration. Students interested in specializing in a specific discipline can apply to take a concentration.  Concentrations at the Odette School of Business are not printed on your degree. You will instead receive a separate certificate after graduation.  Further information about concentrations can be found here.

Do I have to take 5 classes each semester?  Students are not required to take a specific number of classes in a semester, however the number of classes you are enrolled in will affect the amount of tuition you are charged.  Visit the Cashier’s office to learn more about tuition fees.

What happens if I fail a class?  You must retake any fail course that is required as part of your degree.  Senate bylaws prevent students from retaking failed courses more then two times.  It is strongly recommended that you retake any failed course at your next available opportunity in order to replace the grade on your transcript.  Please note: Students who fail a courses more than once will not be able to replace one of the F’s on their transcript.

I would like to take part in the exchange program.  When should I apply?  Students interested in participating on an international exchange should apply in the second (winter) semester of their second year.  Learn more about the Odette exchange program here.

How big are the classes?  Class sizes vary and usually depend on pedagogy.  The Odette School of Business prides itself on offering relatively smaller sized classes when compared with other institutions.  Maximum class sizes for each class can be observed by selecting information about a particular course offering in the student information system (SIS).

How accessible are the professors?  Because Odette offers relatively small class sizes, students are able to engage their instructors in meaningful ways.  Besides class time, students are able to meet face-to-face with Odette profs who maintain regular office hours and are often available on demand.

Will I have access to a computer in Odette?  Yes, the Odette School of Business currently has three computer labs available to students: the Financial Markets Lab, the Student Computer Classroom/Lab, and the SAP Lab.  Students can also conveniently access computers at the Computer Centre in the CAW Student Centre and in the Leddy Library.

Do I need a laptop?  You are not required to have a laptop to complete a business degree, however they can be very useful.  Student computers are available in various locations across campus, including in the Odette building, as discussed in the previous answer.

Will any of my classes be taught using software that prepares me for “the real world”?  Many of your business courses will provide training and interaction on software applications used throughout business and industry.  Students will receive instruction in word processing, spreadsheet, communications, financial, enterprise resource planning, accounting, and other software applications during their studies at Odette.

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Questions relating to Support Services

How do I find support if I need to do better in a class?  The Odette School of Business is pleased to provide free tutor support for all fundamental, required business courses.  This service is available in room OB 324.  An updated schedule is provided here. Alternatively, Odette profs are very accessible and provide office hours to meet with students.  Instructor office hours are listed on your course syllabus.  Additionally, the University provides a variety of support departments to assist students who are encountering difficulty in their studies.  Please visit the Student Academic Services website for a list of departments aimed at assisting students

How can I find a tutor if I need extra help?  Please see the answer to the previous question.

If I’m in the co-op program, how do I begin finding myself a placement?  The Centre for Career Education facilitates student co-op placements.  Please visit their web-site for additional information here.

Are there any open lectures or events which I can attend that will benefit me?  There are many events which can provide exposure to the programs at the Odette School of Business.  Guidance counsellors and business teachers are aware of many of these events.  There are open houses in both the fall and winter that all grade 12 students in the region are invited to.  Twice annually Odette hosts the Richard Peddie Debate Competition where local high school students compete. Every spring, Odette hosts a Mock Stock Competition where all high schools in the region are invited to attend.

Are site tours available through the summer so I can familiarize myself with the campus?  Yes, the Head Start program l provides students with an opportunity to visit the campus.  Alternatively, students could arrange a site visit with the Student Liaison Office or by contacting the Odette Experience Coordinator.

If I am living in residence, how do I get in touch with other students in the business program?  When you fill out your residence application they will ask you which program you are enrolled in.  Recently, residence has adopted themed floors to ensure that business students are located near other business students.  Each themed floor has a resident assistant who is in regular contact with a representative from Odette to ensure that important information is regularly passed along.

If I have a learning disability or special needs, am I eligible for assistance or special accommodations?  Yes, the University of Windsor is committed to ensuring equal access for all students, and welcomes applications from students who may have disabilities.  Please find a list of support services the University provides here.

I am from out of town and will need extra income?  How do I find a job on campus?  There are many opportunities for employment at the University of Windsor.  Senior students with strong academic backgrounds might consider applying for teaching assistantships while the Work Study program, administered through the Student Award & Financial Aid Office, is available to all students who meet the qualifications.  Alternatively, students might consider finding employment in the Windsor community.  

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Questions relating to Extracurricular Activities

What clubs and groups can I join?  The University of Windsor offers numerous groups, clubs, and societies on campus for undergraduate students.  Learn about those related to the Odette School of Business here.

Should I focus more on academics or join more extracurricular activities?  While both may be seen as very important to student development, it is very important to ensure you have a handle on your academics before enriching your experience through extracurricular activities.

What is the benefit to joining clubs and teams at Odette?  Is it just social?  Extracurricular activities will serve to enrich the total student experience.  In addition to increasing your social network, many clubs and teams will help develop important personal and business skills that you will use throughout your life.

Do I have to join extracurricular activities?  While not a degree requirement, Odette strongly encourages all students to become engaged in as many activities as they are able to without sacrificing their academic well being.

I have part-time employment, will I have time to take part in extracurricular activities?  Time management is different for every student.  Achieving a balanced personal/education/employment schedule will be something only you can develop through experience.  It is suggested that you first discuss time commitments required to engage in extracurricular activities and decide if you will be able to manage into your schedule before committing yourself.

Are extracurricular activities required to find a job?  This will depend on the employer.  In general, participating in extracurricular activities can benefit you and improve your resume.  In the recent Post Graduation Survey, of the students who participated in campus activities, 60% indicated that they gained transferable soft skills which have helped them in their career.

Is it better to take part in activities at Odette or across campus?  Students are encouraged to find activities that they feel will be the most beneficial to them personally.  This decision is yours.

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Questions relating to Careers

How long does it usually take to find a full time job after graduation?  71% of Odette graduates surveyed in 2009 reported that they have secured full time employment three months after graduation. According to the MTCU University Graduate Survey (2006) administered by Institutional Analysis at the University of Windsor, 96% of business graduates are employed 6 months after graduation.

How likely am I to find a full time job after graduation in the field I am interested in? Of the Odette graduates who responded to the 2009 Post Graduation Survey, 46% indicated that their current position very much related to their field of study 3 months after graduation. The MTCU University Graduate Survey (2006) reported that 6 months after graduation with 87.5% of business graduates who said their work was closely/somewhat related to their program of study.

What is the average annual income for a recent Odette graduate?  Of the Odette graduates who responded to the 2009 Post Graduation Survey, 65% indicated that their annual salary 3 months after graduation was between $25,000-$54,999, with an average annual salary of $41,667 reported in the MTCU University Graduate Survey (2006). 55.5% of Odette graduates indicated three years after graduation their annual salary was between $40,000-$69,999. The average salary as reported in the MTCU University Graduate Survey (2006) was $49,902 per year.

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General Enquiries

Who can I contact with other questions/concerns?  Please feel free to contact and we will endeavour to provide the most accurate response to any specific questions you might have.

Is it possible to speak with a prof, current student, or Odette grad about the Odette School of Business?  Of course, please contact the Odette Experience Coordinator who will put you in contact with the appropriate person you are looking for.

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