Louis "Bud" Odette
Louis "Bud" Odette (r) pictured in front of the Odette Building with Dean Conway.

School mourns loss of great Canadian

Campus flags were lowered on Wednesday, May 24 in memory of Louis (Bud) Odette, a key supporter of the Odette School of Business and the University of Windsor, who died May 18.

Bud and his brother Edmond Odette founded Eastern Construction Limited, one of Canada's largest general contractors. Their generous support of the Faculty of Business led their being honoured with the naming of the Odette Building in 1991 and the Odette School of Business in 2000.

Dean Conway said Louis Odette had invested a great deal in the success of its students…

We all lost a great friend and benefactor this past week. Bud Odette's legacy is everywhere in our affairs--hundreds of thousands of dollars of student scholarships every year, our Building, our School's name, 360 Sunset, paintings and sculptures throughout the Building and on the lawn, and much more.

Maybe Bud’s most valuable legacy, however, is the ambition he had for the School and the “can do” energy he brought to fulfilling his dreams. Bud was proud of the School, our students, and everything we stand for. We will continue to benefit from the contagion of Bud’s enthusiasm as we build the next decades of the Odette School's legacy.

Hopefully we can emulate Bud and leave our mark by making other people and institutions better than they could have been without us. In Bud and his brother Ed we have the best role models imaginable.

Find Louis Odette's obituary here.