Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative
The Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative at the Odette School of Business... Creating 21st Century Leaders.

Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative

... Creating 21st Century Leaders

Canada’s burgeoning 21st century leaders now have an unprecedented opportunity to hone their leadership skills at the Odette School of Business.  The Richard Peddie Leadership Initiative (RPLI) will achieve a number of important objectives for the School, including:

  • Expand the ability of the Odette School of Business to assess and develop students’ leadership capabilities
  • Position the School at the forefront of developing student leadership potential
  • Create a very important point of competitive difference for the Odette School of Business among other business schools.

We envision leadership to include Strategic leaders ... Creative leaders ... Entrepreneurial leaders ... and International leaders. The RPLI will measure and monitor the leadership competency development of all Odette students and create new ways to identify and build upon leadership skills, entrepreneurialism and innovation.

The RPLI is comprised of three elements:

A Centre for Leadership Competency Measurement
A new centre dedicated to the measurement and development of leadership competency for Odette School of Business students.

A Leader-in-Residence Program
Initiated in Fall 2012, Dr. Peddie was the first in a series of incumbents who will deliver guest lectures and be available for mentoring students and faculty.

The Richard Peddie Leadership Symposium
A major annual event to feature top experts on the subjects of leadership, management and success measurement.