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Odette New Researcher Award

What is it?

The Odette New Researcher Award (ONRA) is awarded annually in recognition of a pre-tenured Odette faculty member for outstanding contributions to research.  Emphasis is placed on the preceding calendar year as reported in the Annual Research Report.

Who is eligible?

All tenured faculty members with the exception of the most recent recipient(s), the Dean, and any current Research Chairs, are eligible for the Award, which takes the form of a certificate, citation, and grant-based monetary award as determined by the Dean.

Who judges the winners?

Determination of the Award is made by the majority of a Committee consisting of the UW Research Leadership Chair for Business, the Odette Research Chair, the OSB Dean, and the members of the Odette Research Committee.  In the event that any of these are unavailable, the most recent previous winner(s) of the award should fill in the vacancies.

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