Professors Emeriti

The Odette School of Business is proud of our history and the individuals responsible for shaping the School into what it is today.  The following are a list of past professors maintaining Emeritus status with the School.

Professor Emeriti Area of Expertise
Bart, John Finance
Brill, Percy - Management Science
Brownlie, Maxwell Finance
Cattaneo, R. Julian Management
Crocker, Olga Management
Faria, Tony Marketing
Freeman, Jack Accounting
Haque, Md. Razaul Management Science
Hussey, Roger Accounting
Hutchinson, David Marketing
Johnston, D. Ross Accounting
Kantor, Jeffrey Accounting
Lam, Wai Accounting
Morgan, Alfie Strategy
Musson, Harold Finance
Rosenbaum, Edward Finance
Templer, Andrew Management
Thacker, James Management
Wilson, David Accounting
Withane, Sirinimal Management