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Odette Gala - April 2017


The Odette School of Business celebrates all things amazing!


Each year the students at the Odette School of Business organize a gala towards the end of the academic year to recognize students and faculty for their achievements. We have and continue to have some pretty amazing students pass through Odette. Olivia Gloster and Lyndsey Bezaire oversaw the event and made sure everything went off without a hitch, celebrating the efforts and achievements from all three programs of study; undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce, graduate Master of Business Administration and Master of Management.

(left) Olivia Gloster presenting Brett Beattie Fourth Year Achievement Award


Award Winners:


First Year Achievement Award went to Abdul Abu Libda

Second Year Achievement Award went to Dalal Hjjih

Third Year Achievement Award went to Moneek Ashat

Fourth Year Achievement Award went to - there was a tie this year! Brett Beattie and Karly Clark.

Winning H.O.U.S.E was Entrepreneurs with a total of 42,000 points

H.O.U.S.E. Mentor of the Year - there was a tie this year! Phillip Klimski and Claudia Kretschmann

Richard Peddie Leadership Award - Emily Poli and Christopher Easby

Odette Club of the Year – Human Resources Club – Karly Clark - President

The Master of Management Student of the Year Award went to Hnh Huynh Ha.

The MBA Student of the Year Award went to Adam Normand.


Dean Mitch Fields presented the Made a Difference Award to an undergraduate student who has truly made a difference to the undergraduate program. This year the award went to Brett Beattie who has gone above and beyond. He has been a valuable asset to the faculty hiring committee, he was instrumental on the recruitment side for Spring Open House, and he is a great mentor in the financial market lab bringing in value added guest speakers. He is a team leader for the John Simpson Investment Fund, he guides and mentors students toward their finance concentration he is a hard-working and dedicated individual who always says yes and will figure it out later!


The Dean’s Award for Excellence in Leadership recognizes students who have made an outstanding extra-curricular contribution and has demonstrated leadership, initiative, commitment and an ability to motivate and influence others towards the betterment of the Odette School of Business.

The winners are: MOM: Busayo Tayo and Mary Arit Nankere

MBA: Akiva Stern and Dania Khalife

BComm: Peter Bae, Jacob Benson, Karly Clark, Frank Fan, Wesley Hall, Philip Klimski, Monica Romero, and Christina Sollazzo


To round out the evening the Commerce Society presented Professor of the Year Awards, chosen by the undergraduate student body, acknowledged those who demonstrated excellence in their teaching fields. These awards recognize the contributions from the following professors:


  • Professor Peter Miller for Management Science
  • Dr. Chris Fredette for Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Professor Jim Stevens for Sessional Instructor
  • Professor Sandra Neposlan for Management
  • Dr. Eahab Elsaid for Finance
  • Dr. Bill Wellington for Marketing
  • Dr. Peter Savoni for Accounting