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Odette Debate team spars with Ivy League institutions

 l-r Sophia Mannina, Mark Laschuk, George Ishak, and Ryan Culliton


Though disputing is what the Richard Peddie Odette Debate Team does best, all are in agreement that their first tournament of the year was a tremendous success. Four members of the team travelled to Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts to represent the Odette School of Business, University of Windsor with pride, passion, and professionalism. 

Despite an early morning flight, the students arrived prepared to contend with debaters from across the United States, including many Ivy League Institutions. As the only Canadian post-secondary institution to participate in the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA), the unique perspective of the Odette students set them apart from their competitors. The tournament challenged participants with a variety of topics and relevant issues, including national policy, immigration, religion, and economics.

Debaters Ryan Culliton and George Ishak achieved two victories, while Mark Laschuk and Sophia Mannina defeated teams from Yale University, Boston University and the University of Chicago, and qualified to quarterfinals. Given only minutes to prepare, both partners delivered eloquent speeches against the implementation of a universal basic income in North America. Though Yale University was narrowly declared the victor of the round, the students demonstrated admirable enthusiasm and skill.

The Odette Debate Team looks forward to participating in their next tournament at Fordham University in New Yok City this fall.