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Odette at the Detroit Economic Club

Odette Students had an opportunity for Q & A with President and CEO of Fannie Mae, Timothy J. Mayopoulos at the Detroit Economic Club


Nico Fazio asks a question to Mr. Mayopoulos


Recently, a select group of students from the Odette School of Business had the opportunity to attend their very first Detroit Economic Club meeting. At this meeting, the main speaker was the President and CEO of Fannie Mae, Timothy J. Mayopoulos.


Mr. Mayopoulos has an undergraduate background in English, shifting his focus to the world of Law after taking an elective, he ended up serving as General Counsel for several financial entities. During the credit crisis in 2008, he took on the role as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Fannie Mae, one of the country’s largest mortgage financing companies. He was appointed to President and CEO of Fannie in 2012, and has played an integral role in shifting the company back to profitability and paying hundreds of billions of dollars in dividends back to the United States Government after they had bailed them (Fannie) out in 2008.


Our day started with a private student Q & A with Mr. Mayopoulos at the beautiful Cadillac Westin in downtown Detroit. Mayopoulos answered several questions, pertaining to both career advice for young professionals and his own opinions on the vast industries of credit, data storage, cyber security, and mortgage housing in the United States. The speaker session with him was incredibly beneficial for my colleagues and myself. After the session, two young women from Detroit (a treasury analyst at PNC and an HR manager at the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel) shared their own experiences. The young professionals answered detailed questions about how to create a resume, interview “do’s and don’ts”, and how to keep your employer happy by always going above and beyond while on the job.


Lastly, our group of students was divided randomly and placed at separate tables in a large hall where we were to have lunch and listen to Mr. Mayopoulos’ speech to a sold-out crowd of industry professionals. This proved to be a great networking tool, as each Odette student was placed at a table containing a diverse mix of businesspeople. Students were able to network with representatives of companies such as Quicken Loans, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and more.


 “The proudest moment of the day was when an employee at Chemical Bank told a colleague and I that he always enjoys when Odette students ask interesting and thought-provoking questions. In a room full of highly intelligent and motivated professionals, it is motivating to know that, although we may be a small school, we can contribute to meaningful discussions and make a difference in the industry,” stated undergrad business student Joshua Nicholas.


MBA student Giovanni Gagliano stated:  “I was lucky enough to sit down at a table with a gentleman named Gregory McDuffe, he is Director of the Detroit Wayne Joint Building Authority. I spoke to him with about the MBA and what I am interested in. He immediately took notice of me and spoke to me the whole time. I mentioned to Mr. McDuffe about our APEX project and how my group will be working with Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. He instantly told me all about the DEGC as well as mentioned people I should speak to. We exchanged business cards and are now in contact regarding setting up a meeting with his contacts at DEGC. This was truly amazing and just incredible.”