Odette building
Odette Sculpture Garden

MoM students gather at the riverfront in anticipation of the fireworks

A new experience for most of the students enrolled in the Master of Management (MoM) graduate program, at the Odette School of Business. Jacqueline Mellish - Student Experience Coordinator for MoM students wanted to start their Canada Day long weekend off with a bang.

Prior to the walk down to the river for the fireworks display, students participated in multiple relationship building activities, as well as hearing a brief explanation of what Canada Day is and why, we as Canadians, celebrate it, all while enjoying a Canadian national cuisine – pizza.

Mellish was pleased with the turnout, over 100 students participated, from over 5 different countries.

She said they were very interested in a few things; why these two countries celebrate together, Canadian history was a hot topic, as well as, politics on both sides of the border.

A few of the students commented generally they find Canada is really safe, and that Canadians are really nice and polite, and they were astonished by the size of the crowds on both sides of the border. General consensus was the fireworks were amazing and they all posted to social media for those back home to see.