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At Odette, Management Science researchers fall into two sub-areas: Management Information Systems (MIS) and Operations Management (OM).

Odette MIS researchers study both organizational and individual adoption of information technologies with interests ranging from enterprise resource planning, innovation management, healthcare informatics to financial information systems. Our research has been published in journals such as Business Process Management, Technovation, Decision Support Systems and Journal of Computer Information Systems, among others. As information technologies are rapidly evolving and becoming more and more pervasive, we have also started examining the impact of emerging technologies such as web 2.0, cloud computing and open source software on businesses.

Odette OM researchers’ interests span a wide area of problems: Analysis and design of transportation systems, optimal design of transportation and optical networks, production scheduling, inventory modeling, developing efficient algorithms to improve planning and management, developing decision support systems,  and addressing decision modeling issues for handling complex multi-criteria objectives.  Our research has been published in a number of top journals such as Operations Research, Management Science, European Journal of Operational Research, Transportation Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Computers and Operations Research, Discrete Applied Mathematics, IIE Transactions, among many others.  In addition, several Odette OM researchers hold 5-year research grants from NSERC (National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada).

We invite you to meet our Management Science faculty members below.

Faculty Member
Office Number
OB 408
Azimian, Alireza OB 455 4209
OB 410
OB 412
OB 414
Eslami, Pouyan OB 457 4215
Guo, Xiaolei OB 426 3126
Laurier 213
OB 510
OB 402
OB 304
OB 401