Odette building
Odette Building

Dr. A. Wren Montgomery receives top honours.


The Academy of Management 76th Annual Meeting is the premier conference for more than 10,000 students, academics, scholars, and professionals in the scholarly management and organization space, held August 5-9, in Anaheim, California


Dr. Wren Montgomery won two awards at the 2016 Academy of Management Conference.  These awards include:


·       ONE (Organizations and the Natural Environment Division) Best Dissertation Award for "Water Wars and Warriors: Field Actors and the International Water Crisis" 


·       OMT (Organizations and Management Theory Division) Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices for "Think Global, Drink Local: Field Configuring Interactions and the Detroit Water Crisis"


Dr.  Montgomery’s research interests include field and institutional change, corporate sustainability, greenwash, water scarcity and management, and social innovation and entrepreneurship.