Odette building
Odette Building

Brian Parent: "Don’t Think Outside the Box, Get Rid of the Box"


Brian Parent, Managing Director and President of Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Centre Inc., was at Odette on Tuesday, January 30 to talk to a few students about his industry and the ever-changing business environment.

What really got him in the entrepreneurship mindset he said was “When I got to the top of the ladder and I didn’t like the building I was standing on.”

He said one of the most important aspects of business is customer service and knowing that just because you served a customer once, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to serve them again. Keeping the connection is something Families First strives for and they do this through communication with their customers multiple times a year.                                                  

Something that really stuck with the students was when Mr. Parent was asked how he thinks outside the box his response was “why include the box? Don’t think outside the box, get rid of the box”.

The mass amounts of changes that are seeping through the business environment on a daily basis are forcing business owners and employees to find new ways to improve and grow.

Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Centre Inc. has mastered the art of adaptation and growth as they have bought the building next door to the Dougal location (Veterans) and are creating a reception centre. This can be used for any kind of event and will have the capability to adapt to the needs of the customer.

Of the many pieces of advice he gave, one of the biggest was to keep adapting and improving. This is the key to being successful!