Enactus members at Grand Opening event
Members of Enactus Windsor meet with faculty advisor, Jim Marsh, before their presentation at the UWindsor 50th anniversary event at the Odette School of Business.

Student leadership showcased during UWindsor 50th anniversary celebration

The 50th anniversary celebration, on Saturday, September 21, featured presentations by Enactus Windsor and the Odette Debate Society. 

Sixty entrepreneurial students make up Enactus Windsor and their goal is to make Windsor a better community through entrepreneurship. The club has an ambitious portfolio of local, regional and international projects including:

Youthrive: developing the skills of high school students by teaching them to start and run a business of their own and to plan an exit when the business is up and running;

Citythrive: working with the City of Windsor to help people get off social assistance;

Enactus Consulting: consulting services for small businesses;

Computers for Kids: providing refurbished computers to students who would otherwise not have a computer.

Currently, Enactus Windsor is expanding to help other cities and industries and was named an official community partner with TechTown’s SWOT City program in Detroit.

Stephanie Stojkovsky has been a mentor for the Citythrive and Youthrive programs and says, “Enactus gives me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I’ve learned in school to help others and make a difference to Windsor’s economy as a whole.”

The Odette Debate Society showcased their skills by engaging the audience in a debate on whether NCAA athletes should to be allowed to accept endorsements. Following the debate, club members explained that the Odette Debate Society is a great opportunity for growth and experience. Students compete with schools such as Stanford and Chicago, which expands each member’s knowledge and strengthens their debating skills. The Odette Debate Society is the only Canadian university team that competes in the American Parliamentary Debate Association.

Student clubs build leadership skills

According to the Dean Conway, the Odette School of Business is committed to developing the leadership capabilities of all the students. “The challenge facing business today is leadership, and by encouraging students to get involved in clubs like Enactus and the Odette Debate Society we create opportunities for them to practice leadership skills that will equip them to take on the leadership challenges of the 21st century,” he said. 

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