MM Program

Master of Management

The Master of Management program is a course-based, professional graduate degree. Students will complete 13 courses, which will be distributed between 4 terms of study (16-months). By the end of their studies, students will have completed 5 specialized courses in their chosen area of concentration. These courses are designed to facilitate an advanced level of knowledge in either Human Resources Management, International Accounting and Finance, or Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


Human Resources Management - Specialized Courses: 

  • Human Resources Management, Leadership and Organizational Change, International Management, and Managing for High Performance.

International Accounting and Finance - Specialized Courses: 

  • International Financial Reporting, International Financial Management, Consolidated Financial Statements, Accounting Systems Control and Auditing, and Corporate Governance (capstone course).

Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Specialized Courses: 

  • Introduction to Business Logistics Management, Purchasing and Procurement, Domestic Transportation and International Shipping, Quantitative Analysis for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management (capstone course).