Senior Administration

Dr. Mitch Fields
Dean, Odette School of Business ext. 3091

Dr. Ashish Mahajan
Associate Dean, Academic Programs ext. 3144

Dr. Fazle Baki
Associate Dean, Programs and Undergraduate Academic Programs ext. 3118

Dr. Gokul Bhandari
Director, MBA, 14 Month and Managers & Professionals ext. 3150

Dr. Peter Savoni
Director, MBA, Professional Accounting Specialization ext. 3127

Dr. Zhenzhong Ma
Director, Master of Management ext. 4251

Administrative Staff

Sarah Cats
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Odette School of Business ext. 3091

Kerry Gray
Assistant Dean, Students and Alumni ext. 6100

John Mihalo
Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration ext. 3130

Kelly Gosselin
Major Gift Officer, Odette School of Business ext. 3137