Odette Atrium

Managers & Professionals

Program Structure

This program is designed to accommodate mid-career professionals, the MBA for Managers and Professionals (M&P) is optimized for students to maintain their current career while building the skills and knowledge necessary for a leadership position in the 21st century. To further accommodate our students, the Odette MBA - M&P only runs during the Fall and Winter semesters (Summer semesters are free from classes and classwork). 

Next Program Start Date - Fall 2020

Fall Week Residency:

  • Location - University of Windsor - Odette School of Business
  • Approximate residency hours will be 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • Fall Semester - 1-week residency to take place within the month of August
  • Winter Semester - No residency week during the winter semester

Weekend Residency:

  • 1-weekend residency per month (September - April)
  • At the University of Windsor - Odette School of Business 
  • Fall Semester - 12:30pm Friday through 1:00pm Sunday
  • Winter Semester - 8:30am Friday through 1:00pm Sunday

Weekly Expectations:

Students should be prepared to set aside an additional 10-15 hours per week to complete individual readings, projects and virtual team meetings. Each professor may choose to incorporate online teaching however the program is structured to ensure that the majority of teaching hours can be completed through the Odette residencies.