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Odette Undergraduate Programs

A higher degree of flexibility and freedom. 

The Odette BComm

Our flagship program is the Odette Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) Honours Degree, with both co-operative education and non-co-op options. This comprehensive four-year program encompasses all the key fundamental areas of business study, fully preparing you with a strong foundation of knowledge.

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours Business Administration)

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours Business Administration) Co-Operative Education Program

Combined Degrees

You might choose to combine your core business education with another discipline. For instance, you can conveniently extend your BComm education to include training in Economics or Information Technology, through joint programs with the Departments of Economics and Computer Science.

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours Business Administration and Computer Science)

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours Business Administration and Economics)

Degrees for Grads

Already a University Graduate but want to pursue a business degree? No problem, we offer a BComm program geared for students with a previously completed baccalaureate degree.

Bachelor of Commerce Program for University Graduates

Business Certificates and Minors

For part-time students, we offer certificate programs, while non-business major students can opt for a Minor in Business Administration.

Certificate in Business Administration

Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting

Minor in Business Administration